Advantages of a Locally-Owned Waste Management Company

//Advantages of a Locally-Owned Waste Management Company

Advantages of a Locally-Owned Waste Management Company

Finding the right place to dispose of your business’s waste is a necessary task. It’s important not only to maintain the health of your employees and customers, but also to ensure the cleanliness of your building or worksite. It’s also a highly regulated service: many businesses, no matter the size, are required to have a waste management plan in place in order to meet local regulations. So what kind of company should you trust to haul your waste? This answer will vary depending on where you are located and what your needs are, but there is one kind of company that customers prefer above all else: a locally-owned waste management company. That’s because when you work with a local provider, you get access to a wide range of benefits that many larger corporations simply lack. Interested in learning more about these advantages? Keep reading!

Local Waste Management Service

Personable, Reliable Customer Service

One of the most common issues people face when working with a large-scale service provider is the lack of interpersonal contact with representatives. All too often, you will call about a simple problem and find yourself on hold for hours, being handed off from one person to the next and having to explain your situation again and again. When you work with a locally-owned waste removal service, like Alternative Waste Solutions, you will have none of these issues. The locally-based staff and culture of prioritizing customer satisfaction ensures that you are always going to be taken care of and listened to, no matter your issue.

With this special client-provider relationship, you get answers fast. A locally-owned waste management service will have time for their drivers to take photos of their stops, as opposed to a larger corporation that is overwhelmed by thousands of customers and is constantly on a time crunch because of it. When you are working with Alternative Waste Solutions and find that your trash wasn’t picked up, you can easily consult with them about this issue. They will check the documentation they have on file about your stop on their route and will be able to tell you exactly why your trash wasn’t picked up.

The drivers that go on your route will also keep up-to-date photos showing your dumpster placed back in its corral after service completion. If there are any issues that prevent a driver from carrying out a service, like a blocked dumpster, then the driver will upload a picture of this obstruction to the waste management company’s online system, and you will be notified of the issue immediately. An extra pickup service can then be scheduled after you have cleared the space around your dumpster, but remember that because the issue was already present when AWS arrived, you will have to pay an additional fee for this extra pickup.


Affordable Services Based On YOUR Needs

Another benefit to working with a locally-owned waste management service is that because these establishments work on a smaller scale, they are able to be flexible in regards to what they can do for their customers, and are driven to satisfy each client. Alternative Waste Solutions’ service plans can be tailored to fit the needs and budget of each individual customer, and there is even the option of value-added services. Your local waste management service provider can consult with you about any concerns you may have, like why your compactor smells, how to prevent rodents and pests, and how to avoid illegal dumping from non-business affiliates on your property.

No matter what service plan you choose, you will receive reliable and efficient service at competitive prices for end-to-end waste management solutions. As your local waste management provider, AWS won’t oversell or force you into a service you don’t need, either. Many larger-scale waste haulers will bully clients into deals that serve their personal interests, like using their pre-contracted landfill and recycling partners. But the fact of the matter is that many businesses need a flexible operational model where they can take advantage of multiple landfill and recycling centers. With a locally-owned waste management solution, you can enjoy this flexibility and affordability as part of a customized waste service plan for your business.

Despite being smaller than corporations that have gobbled up smaller waste removal services along the way, a locally-owned waste management service will have all of the tools you need for an effective waste service plan. This includes commercial waste solutions like dumpster rentals, so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered, regardless of your needs. Before any work starts, Alternative Waste Solutions will consult with you on the best service plan and dumpster type for your business.

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High-Quality Service, Well-Maintained Equipment

At Alternative Waste Solutions, we invest back into our company so that our customers get the best possible service from well-maintained fleets, as well as the best quality dumpsters and compactors. We have a newer truck fleet that is professionally washed on a weekly basis. We keep our vehicles in top shape, so that they are always ready to run and safe for the roads, and leak less hydraulic fluid than the average waste hauler.

As a professionally managed waste management company, AWS has access to a large range of assets that make us a preferred service provider, and reporting services that are on par with a large-scale national hauler. We have none of the impersonal issues associated with these corporations, however, and contain the close-knit level of customer service you’d find in a small, local establishment.

In addition to quality service and representatives that treat you like family, you can also count on a company who prioritizes safety in its business model. Alternative Waste Solutions takes a number of safety measures in our day-to-day operations, including having cameras in our trucks, as well as instructing our drivers to photograph their work at each stop. With this extra level of care, you never have to worry about our team slacking off or lying about completing a service. You can always expect honest and upfront work with Alternative Waste Solutions.


A Local Waste Management Service for Your Business

Alternative Waste Solutions has years of experiencing servicing small business-to-business clients across Georgia. If you are a business owner looking for waste management solutions for manufacturing and distribution centers, auto supply retailers, flooring stores, retail establishments, apartment complexes, or restaurants, then our service plans are perfect for you. Learn for yourself why it is beneficial to work with a locally-owned waste management company. Call Alternative Waste Solutions today to get started: 678-401-6887

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