Things to Consider when Investing in a Commercial Garbage Service

//Things to Consider when Investing in a Commercial Garbage Service

Things to Consider when Investing in a Commercial Garbage Service

No matter your type of business, as the head of a company you see first hand each day how much trash you and your employees go through. If you don’t already have a dumpster or compactor on-site, you’re most likely having to deal with time wasting treks to your local community dump or recycling center. You’re trying not to think about how many man-hours you’re losing each month over these regular excursions, but that’s not something you should ignore.

When you make the decision to hire a commercial garbage service for your business, you’ll immediately start saving time, money, and effort and can use all of those savings to focus on improving your company. The only question to ask now is what kind of dumpster service will work best for your business?

Waste Containment and Recycling

Front Loading DumpsterDepending on the amount of garbage and its contents your company regularly goes through will determine what kind of waste container will best suit your needs. Here are some common options that your local dumpster service will offer:

Front Loading Dumpster

These type of waste containers work well for most retail businesses, no matter the size. Front loading dumpsters can be loaded from either their lidded top or sliding door sides. Their sealable capabilities prevent critters from accessing your waste and making a mess. A front loading dumpster can come in various sizes to suit your business’ needs and can be emptied on-site at your location.

Roll Off Open Top

These types of dumpsters are perfect for landscaping, remodeling, and construction jobs. Their open tops are designed for the easy disposal of large, bulky items often left over from outdoor hard labor. Their capacities range to accommodate any sized job, and they can be easily removed and replaced by your commercial garbage service.


This is one of the most cost-effective products for both reusable non-recyclable materials. Because a trash compactor is able to compress your garbage into a manageable size, the transport costs for your waste are greatly reduced. They can press almost any material, but keep in mind that you should never put products with dangerous chemicals or wood into a trash compactor. Your commercial garbage service can both press and transport your waste through a customized plan that works for your business.

Recycle Container

As we approach a greener age, more and more districts are requiring businesses to have recycling alongside their regular waste disposal methods. There are many sizes and kinds of recycling containers to choose from in order to handle your business’ amount and type of reusable waste. If your business mainly uses cardboard products, then a cardboard recycling container is perfect for your location. However, if your business goes through a variety of different reusable products, then you should choose a commingled recycling option.

Commercial Garbage Services

After you’ve decided what kind of waste containment option would best suit your business’ needs, the next step is to choose what kind of service you should set up with your local dumpster facility. There are two main types of services that you can choose from, but keep in mind that there can be custom plans available if you need to take a different route.

Roll Off Services

Roll Off Open TopThis option is meant for certain compactors and open-top dumpsters. Your commercial garbage service will pick up your waste container, take it to a secondary location to dump the garbage within, and return your container back to your location. You’ll be able to schedule how often your business will need this done when you discuss your plans with your commercial dumpster service.

Front Loading Services

This option is designed for both front loading dumpsters and compactors. On a regularly scheduled basis, your commercial garbage service will come to your location in a certified garbage vehicle, empty your contained trash, and place your vacant waste container back in its original spot before they leave to handle your garbage at another location.

Now that you’ve become well-versed in the ways of a commercial dumpster service, you’re ready to make the call and set up a customized waste disposal plan to suit your company’s needs. Alternative Waste Solutions can help you find a commercial waste service plan that will work well with your business. Call a representative today to learn more! 678.401.6887

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