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What Waste Removal Industry Acquisitions Can Mean for Your Trash Service

In many cases, large mergers and acquisitions aren’t positive news for customers.  The American Customer Satisfaction Index has found that mergers and acquisitions “have a generally negative effect on customer satisfaction, particularly among service industries.”  Customer satisfaction often takes a back seat to “reorganization and consolidation via cost cutting,” according to the ACSI. As one of the largest service industries in the country, waste removal companies are not an exception to this.  Acquisitions and mergers in the waste industry have continued to ramp up speed in recent years as industry giants, such as Waste Management, gobble up their smaller contemporaries.  Though larger acquisitions are ironed out under scrutiny of the U.S. Department of Justice, which works to ensure competition remains among smaller container commercial waste collectors and municipal waste services, customers in the U.S. still wonder what waste service mergers mean for them long-term.    Issues with Waste Management Service [...]

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Roll-Off vs. Front Load Dumpsters: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to waste disposal containers, the type of dumpster you use matters. Dumpsters vary by size, shape, capacity, rental period, and price—among other factors. From short-term construction projects to long-term waste management strategies, you need to know which type of dumpster is the right fit for you.   In this guide, our team of waste service professionals explains the difference between the two major types of dumpsters: roll-off dumpsters and front load dumpsters. Shown in the chart below, our team identifies the biggest factors you should consider when evaluating dumpster rentals.    What do they look like?      Common Uses Roll-Off Dumpster: Roll-off dumpsters are often utilized for short-term waste disposal projects like construction, landscaping, heavy debris, and other large-scale waste projects. They can also be used long-term at industrial parks for permanent waste management for items that aren’t compacted. They are sometimes called “open top dumpsters” or [...]

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A Waste Management Dumpster Selection Guide

Running a business comes with plenty of headaches, including complying with state and federal waste management regulations. Trying to manage your budget and your waste plan can be a difficult task. It is much easier to find a waste management service to handle the most difficult aspects of this process for you, but before you do this, you need to have a clear idea of what kind of waste container you need. Alternative Waste Solutions is here with a quick guide to help you make a knowledgeable decision when choosing a waste container for your waste management service. Which Waste Management Dumpster is Best for Your Business? When shopping for a waste management provider, the first question you’ll get asked is what kind of dumpster you need. If you have no knowledge of the industry, this can make things confusing. Alternative Waste Solutions is here to help you make an [...]

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