The Ultimate Guide On Choosing The Right Dumpster Type For Your Business

//The Ultimate Guide On Choosing The Right Dumpster Type For Your Business

The Ultimate Guide On Choosing The Right Dumpster Type For Your Business

Choosing the right dumpsterWhether you are just setting up a new business or are operating and growing your established business, the details and the day to day operations can be consuming and overwhelming. One often overlooked business necessity is waste disposal.

Each business has their own set of unique waste disposal requirements, which vary by company size and industry.

Often, businesses are not sure which type of dumpster is best for their business, but that’s ok, Alternative Waste Solutions is here to help with the knowledge and experience you’re looking for.

Here are a few questions to consider before choosing a dumpster and a commercial waste removal service for your business:

  • What size do you really need?
  • Should you get a front loader or a side loader?
  • Does your business recycle or does the local county or town laws require recycling?

Deciding the perfect fit for your needs is as easy as following this ultimate guide to choosing the right dumpster for your business from the pros at Alternative Waste Solutions.

Commercial Dumpsters

Commercial dumpsters come in a variety of sizes along with different loading options.

The options you choose will be dependent of the size and type of business you operate along with the location the dumpster will be placed.

Other considerations include the need for recycling and the type of waste your company will primarily produce.

Hazardous or chemical waste will incur different needs from an organization that produces mostly paper or food waste.

Roll-Off Dumpsters

Roll-off dumpsters are open top containers that are perfectly designed for handling large bulky items that are found on landscaping jobs, remodeling, and large construction sites.

Roll-off dumpsters are versatile and come in a wide range of sizes from 10 yards to 40 yards.

Smaller roll-off dumpsters are perfect for landscaping, small remodeling jobs, and cleanups.

Larger roll-off dumpsters are perfect for larger jobs such as home remodeling, roof replacement right up to large constructions endeavors.

Once filled these large construction dumpsters can be easily removed or replaced to be filled again.

Front Loading Dumpsters

For most retail type businesses, whether they are a small mom and pop operation, a larger retail store, or an apartment or condominium complex, the front load dumpster can suit your needs.

Front load dumpsters can be loaded from the top or the sides and will have a sliding door on the side or a plastic lid to cover the top for protection from hungry critters who are a nuisance.

Front loading dumpsters come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate a variety of needs and can be easily emptied without being removed from your place of business.


The primary job of trash compactors is to reduce the size of waste and to help increase the storage, safety, security, and aesthetics surrounding your business.

Compactors come in a number of different sizes from 2 yards to 5 yards and will accommodate almost any type and size of business while reducing costs associated with upkeep and number of visits to empty or haul away trash once filled.

Easy to use push button controls on compactors make disposal of debris and trash simple for anyone to operate.

Apartment Compactor

Larger businesses or organizations that work around the clock will produce a significantly larger amount of debris and will, therefore, have different needs than smaller businesses with shorter hours and less refuse production.

A great example of this would be a large apartment or condominium complex, for which an apartment compactor is the perfect waste removal solution.

Compactible trash is loaded into the dumpster and compacted as needed to take up as small a space as possible.

Apartment compactors are beneficial to a business where people live by providing a number of safety features.

There is a reduced chance of fire hazards, blown trash in lots, reduced odor, less rodent and insect issues, and best of all less frequent trash pickups are required which can lower expense.

Vertical Compactor

Vertical compactors are perfect for businesses that are limited on space.

Large or small businesses that produce larger amounts of waste but are limited in where they can place a frontload dumpster or roll off dumpster will benefit from the versatility of a vertical compactor.

As the name states the trash is compacted down assuring that any wet or liquid waste is properly contained until it can be removed.

Costs are kept down by reducing litter accumulation around the dumpsters. In addition, there is a reduction in space needed to contain the trash and a reduction in the number of pickups needed to empty the compactor.

Recycle Container

Many municipalities now have requirements for the disposal of waste including separating debris for recycling.

Reducing waste delivered to landfills and promoting a greener environment by reducing and reusing has become an essential part of operating a business.

A recycling container can come in a variety of sizes to properly serve any type or size of company.

Whether your company produces a large amount of paper and cardboard waste, or plastic and metal waste, there is an option designed for your needs.

Once you determine your needs, you can choose between cardboard recycling or comingled recycling.

Cardboard recycling allows you to dispose of flattened recyclable boxes, while comingled recycling allows you to place a variety of different recyclables in the same container without the need for separating.

Leave it to Atlanta the Dumpster Experts at Alternative Waste Solutions

No matter what the waste removal needs of your company may be, Alternative Waste Solutions has provided Atlanta and the metro surrounding area with commercial waste removal and recycling services since 2011.

AWS industry experts can help guide you in choosing the perfect dumpster and service for your business with a customized plan that is competitively priced to fit your budget.

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