Why A Compactor is Perfect for Your Business

As great as it would be to recycle 100% of your commercial waste, it’s just not possible. When you need a cost-effective way to handle your non-recyclable materials, a trash compactor is the perfect solution. What does a trash compactor do? A waste removal service like Alternative Waste Solutions can provide your business with an industrial trash compactor to process waste. The procedure is pretty straightforward. First, the garbage is loaded into the waste container’s input chamber. Then, it’s put under a large amount of pressure through either hydraulic or pneumatic press. Crushing up the trash like this transforms it into a more manageable size, which will reduce transport costs for your business. Alternative Waste Solutions can do both the pressing and trash transport for you as part of their customized plans. The Pros & Cons of a Trash Compactor Pros: Compactors can press almost any material. They can handle [...]

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The Ultimate Guide On Choosing The Right Dumpster Type For Your Business

Whether you are just setting up a new business or are operating and growing your established business, the details and the day to day operations can be consuming and overwhelming. One often overlooked business necessity is waste disposal. Each business has their own set of unique waste disposal requirements, which vary by company size and industry. Often, businesses are not sure which type of dumpster is best for their business, but that’s ok, Alternative Waste Solutions is here to help with the knowledge and experience you’re looking for. Here are a few questions to consider before choosing a dumpster and a commercial waste removal service for your business: What size do you really need? Should you get a front loader or a side loader? Does your business recycle or does the local county or town laws require recycling? Deciding the perfect fit for your needs is as easy as following this ultimate [...]

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