Renting a commercial trash compactor? Here’s everything you need to know.

If you have decided to sign up for a trash compactor rental service, there are a few things you should know before everything is set in stone. You cannot simply choose the first compactor rental option you find, as this service may not align with your business’s needs. How do you know which commercial trash compactor is right for your company? Find out in this blog!   What is a trash compactor? A trash compactor is a piece of equipment that reduces the amount of waste that a business produces by compacting everything together. When businesses accumulate a large amount of waste on a regular basis, a trash compactor is a great solution. This equipment is a great resource for effective waste management, and can allow a business to better streamline its waste processes.   How does a commercial trash compactor work? A commercial trash compactor is made up of [...]

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Advantages of a Locally-Owned Waste Management Company

Finding the right place to dispose of your business’s waste is a necessary task. It’s important not only to maintain the health of your employees and customers, but also to ensure the cleanliness of your building or worksite. It’s also a highly regulated service: many businesses, no matter the size, are required to have a waste management plan in place in order to meet local regulations. So what kind of company should you trust to haul your waste? This answer will vary depending on where you are located and what your needs are, but there is one kind of company that customers prefer above all else: a locally-owned waste management company. That’s because when you work with a local provider, you get access to a wide range of benefits that many larger corporations simply lack. Interested in learning more about these advantages? Keep reading! Personable, Reliable Customer Service One of [...]

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Which Dumpster Rental Option is Right for Your Business?

Waste management is a must for any business. While businesses in many industries sign on for a plan that includes an on-site waste container that takes up real estate on their property indefinitely, some businesses need to make use of more short term dumpster rentals. This is because dumpster rentals have many benefits that cannot be found in a regular waste management program. If you are interested in learning more about how a dumpster rental may be the better option for your business, keep reading this article! Examples of Dumpster Rentals for Different Industries There are many reasons why a business should consider a dumpster rental service. This special solution is perfect for many cases where an industry professional is seeking a more temporary option in terms of waste management. Below are some common industries that are best suited for a dumpster rental service. Construction and Demolition Dumpster Rentals [...]

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What Waste Removal Industry Acquisitions Can Mean for Your Trash Service

In many cases, large mergers and acquisitions aren’t positive news for customers.  The American Customer Satisfaction Index has found that mergers and acquisitions “have a generally negative effect on customer satisfaction, particularly among service industries.”  Customer satisfaction often takes a back seat to “reorganization and consolidation via cost cutting,” according to the ACSI. As one of the largest service industries in the country, waste removal companies are not an exception to this.  Acquisitions and mergers in the waste industry have continued to ramp up speed in recent years as industry giants, such as Waste Management, gobble up their smaller contemporaries.  Though larger acquisitions are ironed out under scrutiny of the U.S. Department of Justice, which works to ensure competition remains among smaller container commercial waste collectors and municipal waste services, customers in the U.S. still wonder what waste service mergers mean for them long-term.    Issues with Waste Management Service [...]

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Roll-Off vs. Front Load Dumpsters: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to waste disposal containers, the type of dumpster you use matters. Dumpsters vary by size, shape, capacity, rental period, and price—among other factors. From short-term construction projects to long-term waste management strategies, you need to know which type of dumpster is the right fit for you.   In this guide, our team of waste service professionals explains the difference between the two major types of dumpsters: roll-off dumpsters and front load dumpsters. Shown in the chart below, our team identifies the biggest factors you should consider when evaluating dumpster rentals.    What do they look like?      Common Uses Roll-Off Dumpster: Roll-off dumpsters are often utilized for short-term waste disposal projects like construction, landscaping, heavy debris, and other large-scale waste projects. They can also be used long-term at industrial parks for permanent waste management for items that aren’t compacted. They are sometimes called “open top dumpsters” or [...]

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How Has COVID-19 Affected The Waste Industry?

With new guidelines in place to safely integrate back to regular society after being in quarantine for months due to COVID-19, Americans are beginning to leave the comfort of their homes and return to the workforce. For some industries, there is no noticeable change, however, as these businesses have remained open throughout the pandemic. Particularly, the waste industry has had its employees on the frontlines as an essential part of everyday life. Most Common Changes in The Waste Industry It has been difficult for waste management services to maintain the health and safety of their clients, environment, and staff during COVID-19. The stream of waste has seen many changes in order to comply with state and federal guidelines regarding pandemic practices. What’s more, this industry has been significantly impacted by the decrease in business waste as many Americans have been staying at home while businesses closed their doors during the [...]

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A Waste Management Dumpster Selection Guide

Running a business comes with plenty of headaches, including complying with state and federal waste management regulations. Trying to manage your budget and your waste plan can be a difficult task. It is much easier to find a waste management service to handle the most difficult aspects of this process for you, but before you do this, you need to have a clear idea of what kind of waste container you need. Alternative Waste Solutions is here with a quick guide to help you make a knowledgeable decision when choosing a waste container for your waste management service. Which Waste Management Dumpster is Best for Your Business? When shopping for a waste management provider, the first question you’ll get asked is what kind of dumpster you need. If you have no knowledge of the industry, this can make things confusing. Alternative Waste Solutions is here to help you make an [...]

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Why It’s Important for Your Business to Recycle

Does your business recycle? If not, maybe it should. With landfills filling up fast, it’s up to residents and businesses alike to start reducing our impact on the environment. But recycling isn’t just great for the planet, it’s also great for your budget. If your company doesn’t have a recycling plan in place, you could be missing out on some cost-saving benefits. Keep reading to find out why it’s important for your business to recycle. Improve your bottom line It turns out, recycling can be a good option if you’re trying to save your business some money. By recycling cans, glass, and paper, you’re sending less into the dumpster every day. Less waste could potentially mean fewer pickups, or other cost savings. If you ask employees to utilize central recycling stations, it could mean saving on janitorial costs. After all, trash bins need to be emptied less often when [...]

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What’s a Commercial Front-Load Dumpster and Why Do I Need It?

If you are the owner of a business that produces a large amount of waste on a weekly basis, then chances are you’re in need of some sort of waste management solution that can handle the amount of garbage that your company goes through. A large waste container like a front-load dumpster is perfect for high-trafficked locations like restaurants, hotels, condos and much more!   Front-loading dumpsters are recognizable by their side sliding doors and plastic lid that covers a large, open top and prevents critters from accessing the container’s contents. These dumpsters are ideal for businesses of all sizes. A local garbage service can easily empty the waste contained in a front-load dumpster during weekly pickups, taking only the trash within and leaving the dumpster empty and ready to house another week’s worth of trash.   All states have local and federal regulations that require business owners to dispose [...]

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Things to Consider when Investing in a Commercial Garbage Service

No matter your type of business, as the head of a company you see first hand each day how much trash you and your employees go through. If you don’t already have a dumpster or compactor on-site, you’re most likely having to deal with time wasting treks to your local community dump or recycling center. You’re trying not to think about how many man-hours you’re losing each month over these regular excursions, but that’s not something you should ignore. When you make the decision to hire a commercial garbage service for your business, you’ll immediately start saving time, money, and effort and can use all of those savings to focus on improving your company. The only question to ask now is what kind of dumpster service will work best for your business? Waste Containment and Recycling Depending on the amount of garbage and its contents your company regularly goes through [...]

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