What Waste Removal Industry Acquisitions Can Mean for Your Trash Service

//What Waste Removal Industry Acquisitions Can Mean for Your Trash Service

What Waste Removal Industry Acquisitions Can Mean for Your Trash Service

In many cases, large mergers and acquisitions aren’t positive news for customers. 

The American Customer Satisfaction Index has found that mergers and acquisitions “have a generally negative effect on customer satisfaction, particularly among service industries.” 

Customer satisfaction often takes a back seat to “reorganization and consolidation via cost cutting,” according to the ACSI.

As one of the largest service industries in the country, waste removal companies are not an exception to this. 

Acquisitions and mergers in the waste industry have continued to ramp up speed in recent years as industry giants, such as Waste Management, gobble up their smaller contemporaries. 

Though larger acquisitions are ironed out under scrutiny of the U.S. Department of Justice, which works to ensure competition remains among smaller container commercial waste collectors and municipal waste services, customers in the U.S. still wonder what waste service mergers mean for them long-term. 


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Issues with Waste Management Service Acquisitions

As the American Customer Satisfaction Index noted, when two companies merge, they look for ways to cut costs, and those costs are almost always related to customer service. 

Customers may find they no longer receive the same level of service that they did prior to the acquisition, and often note a continued decline in customer service satisfaction as time goes on. 

There’s also more room for error: billing and customer information can get bungled in the transition and lead to issues with service delivery. And with large companies, customer service representatives aren’t often located in the same city, state or even country as their customers, leading to long wait times on the phone or days without an answer.  

And in the waste management industry, you don’t have time to waste. 


Find an Alternative to Corporate-Owned Waste Services

At Alternative Waste Solutions, we know that customer satisfaction is everything. 

When you call Alternative Waste Solutions, the person who answers the phone will be the person who works to solve your problem. You won’t be transferred through a complicated web of an automated system: we’ll take care of you, start to finish. 

As your hometown waste removal service, decisions are made locally, and you can trust that when you contact us, you’re getting personal service, not an automated run-around. 

If mergers and acquisitions of waste management services have you down, Alternative Waste Solutions can provide you with peace of mind. As an independent service in the north Atlanta area, we value our customers and are proud to offer custom-tailored solutions to fit their needs. 

To learn more about our services or schedule service today, call us at 678-401-6887.

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